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212044:4 Burner Gas Stove with Oven
C $1299
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4 Burner  Gas Stove With Oven

   This six sabaf gas burner is our lastest product.This product  has two main functions—six gas stoves and a oven, the upper part is six  gas stoves, the under part is 95.6 liters large oven. Gas oven  comprising one 3.8kw burner, two 2.4kw burners and three 1.8kw burners.  Each is equipped with a gas stove and a separate control switch. You can  select different power gas furnace according to your cooking. The  capacity of oven up to 95.6 liters, you can choose the different baking  time and temperature according to your needs. You can use the oven to  make bread, biscuits, steak, turkey and more. 95.6L large capacity can  also be roasted whole pig. High quality stainless steel shell, durable  and easy to clean.

Note: If you are International customer out of Canada or USA, please   contact with us for consulting the detailed shipping information.


6  gas top burners with automatic piezo ignition
Automatic  ignition powered
Thermostat  sensor
Gas  thermostat oven with gas grill
Thermocouple  safety device
Gas/electric  grill
High  quality Rotisserie
Enameled  top cover panel
Utility  compartment
Oven  light makes you can be clearly observed the situation inside the oven at  any time
Timer  allows you to adjust the oven temperature to suit your needs
Porcelain  enameled body
Technical  parameters:
Component Electrical Wattage
Rotisserie 4 watts
Oven Bulb 15 watts
Electric Grill 1200 watts
Electric Oven 1300 watts
Electric Heater 900 watts
Circular Heater 2400 watts
Hotplate 180mm.dia 1500 watts

Gas Burner Energy Consumption (kw) at 50 mabr  gas pressure

Φ50mm 1.2
Φ60mm 1.8
Φ90mm 2.6
Φ120mm 3.6
Oven 1.8/2.2
Grill Oven 1.8


★★Have this oven, you can also make such delicious food★★


Warning for your safety!

Please open the oven door before you turn  on the gas(LPG) for cooking for a few minutes.

Please ignite the piezo before you turn on  the gas(LPG).

After the burner(s) is in fire, please  close the oven door for cooking.

In case the burner(s) is not in fire and  the gas is still on the “on” position, please start  the steps 1 to  3 again.

Please torn off the gas (LPG) after your  cooking.


Item Include:
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
212044 4 Burner Gas Stove With Oven 1 set



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