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190211:2L Digital display Chemical lab Jacketed Glass Reactor Vessel
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2L Digital Display Lab Glass Reactor Vessel 110V

This jacketed glass reactor can be used to do high temperature experiment(max temperature is 250°C),as well as low temperature experiment(min temperature is -60°C) and vacuum tests.It is an ideal equipment for modern chemistry small and medium-sized experiment,bio-pharmaceuticals and new materials synthesis.
Furthermore,the design of this reactor is unique,which can guarantee experiments of more convenient and safer.


1 All of the glass adopts Pyrex 
2 Titanium alloy mechanical sealing 
3 PT100 electronic measure the temperature 
4 LCD display

Parameters :

LCD frequency converter could guarantee high torque and reliable performance.

The digital temperature sensor adopts PT100  temperature-sensing element.


About the discharge port,we use aluminium ring flange for fixing,and it is easy to outlet the reaction material.

The core part is the glass reactor body.Our glass reactor is made of GG3.3 high boron silicon glass,it isdouble glass design,inner into reaction menstruum do stirring reaction,interlayer can  be passed different  kinds of liquid (such as hot water,hot oil or cryoprotectants) to do cycle heating or cooling reaction.Setting thermostat conditions,it can be used in  require atmospheric or negative pressure conditions to conducte stirring response and do reaction solution reflux and distillation.

If the liquid you poul into the glass reactor is dangerous,such as strong acid and alkali, or you need onethermal-insulation equipment for the glass reactor body,you could choose the safety insulation cover,please contact us for the price of it..




1 All of the glass adopts Pyrex,which can ensure good chemical and physical properties.

2 If hot oil cycles through the jacketed glass,heating experiments could be done.On the contrary,low temperature experiments can be done if the circulated fluid is cold.

The heat of reaction could be taken away quickly through water,which cycling in the jacketed glass.

4 Large mouth design makes it easy to clean,standard mouth makes the assembly and backflow could be chose.

5 It can be used as distillation syntheses device.

Titanium alloy mechanical sealing.So the sealing is more stability,the stirring is more evenly,the rusting is disappearance.There is a fluororubber seal between titanium alloy circle and PTFE.Each glass reactor must through the strict tests before leaving factory,the sealing performance is 0.098Mpa.

7 The temperature is measured by PT100 electronic.

LCD display makes it is easier and more convenient to measure temperature.






Stirring speed (r/min)


Material capacity(L)


Inside and Outside Glass Cylinder Diameter




Packing Size


Packing Weight


 Power supply (V/Hz)


Item included(190211):

1*2L Digital Display Lab Glass Reactor Vessel 110V


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