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190195:Lab Instrument Disintegration Disintegration tester 110v
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Lab Disintegration Disintegration tester

The instrument can be measured as stipulated in the pharmacopoeia disintegration time limit of various tablets and capsules, suppositories of soluble deadline, change common sieve pore size of 2.0 mm to 0.425 mm accessories, can also determine the dissolution time of dropping pill.

Parameters :

1. Water tank to control the temperature of 37 ℃ + 1 ℃

2. The frequency of hanging basket lift 30 ∽ 32 times/min

3. The basket fluctuation 55 + 1 mm

4. The screen mesh and bottom minimum distance of 25 mm

5. Mesh size 2.0 mm (0.425 mm) attachment

6. Disintegrating tube inner diameter 21.5 mm

7. Disintegrating tube height 77.5 mm

8. Regular alarm range 1 minute 9 hours, 59 minutes Set arbitrary

9. Baffle period in accordance with the latest edition of the pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China

10. Rated voltage 110 v

11. The rated power 500 w

12. The contour size 270 x 330 x 390 mm



1. The instrument has intelligent control system, controlled by the large scale integrated circuit time limit alarm device.
 Instrument has simple appearance, reliable performance, reasonable structure.
3.  This item with high precision of temperature control and time control.




Item included(190195):

1*Lab Instrument Disintegration Disintegration tester 110v


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