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130030:Laser Machine Rotary Attachment NEMA 23
C $479.00

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Laser Machine Rotary Attachment NEMA 23 DC 36V
The maximum length of processing:11.7"(30cm).
The maximum diameter of processing: 7.8"(20cm).
Step motor: three wires(36V) Transmission mode: by belts
Transmission proportion:1:3
Weight: 28.66lb(13kg)
Size: 20.08*6.24* 7.41(520*160*190mm)
The weight of holding: < 44.09lb( <20kg)
#1: It is the 3 claws of the rotary. It can be used for fixing the engraving objects, used alone, can also be used in conjunction with the#2.
#2: To fix carved objects with #1. To adjust the distance between 1# and 9# by the slide bar. And the specific distance/length be determined by the length of the sculpture objects.
#3: To adjust the distance between the 3 claws of the rotary and 1#. And the specific distance/length be determined by the diameter of the sculpture objects.
#4: Connect the laser machine position #6.Pay attention to mounting screws in the installation position.
#5 : After Engraving objects placed between #1#2, it can be used for fixing objects and preventing the #2 sliding and the resulting carved objects slide off. #7: The anti claw of the rotary. It can be used for fixing the hollow carved objects.
#8 : The wrench. To adjust the distance of the 3 claws of the rotary.
The installation and application of the axis of rotary:The carving glass as an example to introduce the usage of the rotary simply.
First: to install the rotary.
First to put down the platform, down to the level can put on the axis of rotary. And to make sure it can not be touched with the laser head.
Put the axis of rotary on the laser platform.
The position of the axis should be horizontal with the x axis. Then put the glass bottle in the axis.
To adjust the Y axis to make the laser head be vertical with the top of the platform.
#6 This should be attached with the rotary.
You should unsnatch the screws first when you install.
Keep the wires away from the laser head and the rotary in order to prevent the confusion wires.
To prepare 3-4 pieces of thin paper. The size approximately is 3.12"(80mm*80mm)
Keep one piece of paper wet, and paste on the bottle. Others is reserved for other usages.
Adjust the laser head to the top left of the paper.
The installation of the software:
The function of this axis is to replace the Y axis.So after you install the software,the Plug-in unit,RDCAM Setup 6.0.24,you have installed before can drive.
As the different motor has different step,you should adjust the Parameters of the rotary.
As following:
1.Open the Coreldraw
Draw a square:3.45*3.45"(50MM*50MM).
See the left picture,open the plug-in unit.
The interface may be show in English or Chinese,you can change by yourself.See the left picture.
In the"config"to select the"vendor param".See the picture.And the password is RD8888.
In the"vendor param" to choose the "Axis",then choose the "Y"(as this axis is to replace the Y axis.)
Then to choose the "Read" in the right side,to read the data of Y axis.(You should keep the laser machine connected to the computer,and be in active state).
See the following picture.
5.(The left picture shows the data of the Y axis.You should make sure the data is not the X axis. Be careful!)
In the "Step length (um)",you will see a data.And you should write down this data, it is very important to recover the Y axis.You should write down in your textbook to make sure you can find it at any time.
6.After save the data of the "Step length (um)", then we can adjust the data of the rotary.
First, to select the square (50mm*50mm,the square we have select in Coreldraw before)
Then, choose the "write" in the right.
And then, choose the "cancel" to quit.
7.-Change the cutting power of the laser to 12.(This cutting power is just to cut one piece of paper,and specific conditions you can reference the laser machine.)
-Begin to cut
-To measure the size of this square,is it the right size(50mm*50mm): 50mm* Amm
If the data of the "A" is less than 50mm,then go back to step sixth,then enlarge the data"50"
If the data of the "A" is more than 50mm,then go back to step sixth, then deflate the data"50"
-By this way,we can adjust the paper we have cut to the right size(50mm*50mm).
When you adjust well, you can save the data to use later without any adjustment.
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