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022060:High Frequency Induction Heating Machine (220V,15AB)
C $1,799.00

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220V 15KW Induction Heating Machine

The principle of induction heating technology

1.Metal objects can be heated instantaneously to any request temperature, including the melting point

2.Do not like other heating method, induction heating technology can heat the metal objects straightly

3.Not only can heat the whole metal objects, but also the select part of the metal object

4.Induction heating technology is the revolution of heating method. The same as the electric stove and electric oven, induction heating technology is also the electricity heating, but it can save 40% energy than electric stove and electric oven.


1.Before operating the machine, please read the instruction book thoroughly, and retain it for future reference. Before you purchase it, please clearly understand the voltage and the power of the machine(220V, 15KW).

2.This machine can't be used with a plug directly, it needs a wire to connect the machine to power line directly (the cross-sectional area of power line must be larger than 6 square millimeters.)

Main Features

1.Adopts the latest MOSFET, IGBT power units and frequency conversion control techniques with high efficiency, low energy consumption and higher output power.

2.With constant current and constant power control function to greatly optimize the heating process of metals, realize efficient and fast heating and fully exert the superiority of the products.

3.Power consumption is half of traditional electron tube high frequency induction heating equipments under same conditions.

4.With 100% load design, can work in 24 hours without stop. Infrared temperature detector can be equipped to realize the automatic control of temperature, improve heating quality and simplify manual operation.

5.With heating-insulating-cooling three stages function setting, the heating and insulating time required can be get to accommodate to the batched and repeated heating situations.

6.With multiple status display of overflow, over voltage, low water, phase failure and load malfunction, providing higher reliability and sustainability.

Model LH-15AB
Work Power 220V 50Hz/60Hz
The range of operating voltage 180-250V
Output Power 15KW
Fluctuating Frequency 30-100KHZ
Output Current 200-600A
Heating Time 1-99s (auto)
The flow rate of cooling water 0.06-0.12Mpa 7.5L/Min
 Water temperature protection point 40 degree centigrade
Weight 94  lb
Dimension 28*23*21in

1. Welding: brazing, silver welding.
2. Heating: hot forging, hot with, smelting.
3. Heat treatment: surface quenching.
4. Annealing: tempering, quenched and tempered.

Item Include(022060)

1 x 220V 15 KW High Frequency Induction Heater Furnace

1 x Heating Coil

1 x Foot Switch

1 x English Manual



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