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013001:JP90 Powder Coating Machine
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JP90 Electronic Powder Coating System

What Is Power Coating System?
Power coating is the process of coating a surface in which a powder material is applied using an electronic or compressed air method, or sometimes fluidized bed.
The applied powder is then heated (cured) in an oven to its melting point, after which it flows to form a smooth film which dried to firm, durable finish very resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust . that is widely applied in industry metal workpieces.

Advantages of Powder Coating
Because of the advanced method with which powder coatings are applied, all types of powder coating provide a durable, uniform and attractive finish. All powder coatings are decorative and protective, and different formulations of powder coatings are available to provide extra protection from ultra-violet rays, corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals. Some types are even approved for use by the FDA in food grade applications.

What's more, they provide good electrical insulation properties and can also have special characteristics like electrostatic discharge.


1.Being installed in a mobile carriage, can be moved from one spraying site to another spraying site conveniently.

2.Adopting integrate circuit, the static system is steady and secure.

3.Adopting voltage boosting and voltage doubling technique inside the gun, the powder coating gun has low static loss and high rate of powder.

4.The two-circuit tri-air structure in the gun nozzle can take rotary atomization and improve the evenness of spraying powder.

5.The powder feeding system adopts fluidizing pumping powder feeding principle, which makes the feeding powder even and steady.

6.Diluting air in the powder feeding pump makes the powder discharging concentration and the flow speed adjustable.

7.The powder feeding cylinder, with removable structure and made by stainless steel, is easy to clean and change color.

8.The powder feeding pump, with easy insert removable structure, is easy to maintain, clean and change color.


Power supply: AC110V,50Hz Input power: 60VA
Output voltage: 0-90kV (negative polarity) Output current: 100uA (max.)
Power coating gun switch control Power coating gun switch control
Air source pressure: 0.5-0.8mPa Flow rate: 15m/h
Powder output: about 30-500g/min (adjusted by the user)

The capacity of the powder feeding cylinder:

60L, The max powder filling amount is about 88LB


Gun weight: 1.23LB(560g)

Complete machine weight: 83.77LB(38kg)

External dimension: 19.2"(480 mm) width,

26.4"(660 mm) thickness, 4"(100mm) height


Items including control unit, powder coating gun, cleaning gun, powder feeding cylinder ,seat carriage and other accessories (easily worn parts include control main board, voltage boosting module, powder feeding pump, fluidizing board.).
Here isThe picture showing how to connect the parts.

The entire powder coating process involves several steps.

Very generally:

1.After determining the substrate you are working with, you will begin with the cleaning step -abrasive blasting or chemical cleaning - to insure the substrate is free of any oils, dirt, rust, mill scale, etc;
2.The substrate must be fully cleaned to avoid defects in the finish and rejects by the customer resulting in lost income and time.
3.A pretreatment step (an important step not done by all coaters) during which the product is treated with a pretreatment chemical or conversion coating, usually phosphate or zinc based, to further protect it and improve the surface for powder adherence;
4.rinse, rinse, rinse...dry completely then
5.Mask areas you don't want coated. This is done with high-temperature tape specially designed for powder coating, and/or caps and plugs.
5.Rack the items. Now we're ready to coat.
6.Select your coating. Choosing the right coating for your application and end use of the item is very important. A variety of powder formulation sexists to choose from depending on the type item you will be coating.
7.Powder coat the parts, usually done with an electrostatic gun, corona or tribo, in a powder booth, but sometimes in a fluidized bed;
8.Finally, FULLY cure the powder in the oven, usually convection cure ovens generally at 375-400 deg. F, 15-20 minutes (varies), in an infrared oven, or a combination of both.
9.Failing to preheat and cure the part properly can result in several kinds of defects such as out gassing.

Coating System Applies


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