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013000:JP80 Powder Coating Machine
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JP80  Powder Coating Machine 


The machine is used  for the powder coating 
factory to do the spraying experiment and random 
inspection on the powder quality while producing. Also 
can be used for the spraying process test of samples 
and test pieces as well as the small scale spraying 
Composed of control box, powder coating gun, 
cleaning gun and other accessories.



1. The powder  feeding system adopts funnel and Venturi

pipe, and the powder  in the powder cup at the back of

the gun is drawn  into the powder pipe and blown to the

gun muzzle under the  negative pressure produced when

the powder feeding  air passing through the Venturi pipe. 
2. In the muzzle, the powder will be diluted and speeded up

and then spray to  the sample. This makes the powder

feeding be  continuous, even, stable, and well-atomized.
3. The static electricity produced system adopts integrated

circuit, which works  stable; and the boost system adopts

gun inside  multi-voltage boost system, which the

consumption of  static electricity is low and the spraying

rate is high. 
4. The control box is portable case, which is used for lab

and filed-work. To  make the color-change convenient,

this machine is  configured with a cleaning gun.

Technical  Parameter 
1. Electric parameter
·Power  supply: AC110V,  50~60HZ, 30VA
·Output static voltage: 0~80kV  (negative polarity)
·Output current: 100uA  (Max.)
·Solenoid valve control voltage: DC24V
2. Air circuit parameter
·Air pressure: 0.5~0.6Mpa,Flow  rate:15Nm³/h
·Air source quality: the  water content should be less
than 1.5g / Nm³ (when dew point is 7℃)
and the oil content is less than 0.1mg / Nm³
·Output pressure: 0  ~ 0.3Mpa
3. Complete equipment parameter
·Powder cup capacity: 80g  / cup
·Spraying powder output:50  ~ 300g / min

(adjust according to  need)
·Gun weight: 1.32LB(600g)  (Without pipe and cable)
·Control box weight: 9.26LB(4.2Kg)

·Outside  size: Width 8.08"  (205mm)×height 3.35"

(85mm)×depth7.88"  (200mm)

What you see what  you get .And  here are showing how to connect


How to use

Click here to download the manual

1)  Fix one end of the earth wire on the earth pillar on the back side of  the control box and connect another end with the earth wire (wet  conductor buried into earth of 0.5m deep outdoor) installed specially  and the hanger for hanging work pieces.

2)  Insert the plug of the power line into the socket at the back of the  control box, and connect the other end with the power supply. The earth  pins should be in good earth.

3)  Insert the air source pipe (blue) with outer diameter ø8 along with the  equipment into the air source connector at the back of control box; and  the other end is connected with compressed air resource with oil  removing and drying process. (The air source pressure: 0.5~0.6Mpa; the  oil content is less than0.1mg/Nm³and the water content is less than  1.5g./Nm³)

4)  Insert the gun connecting cable into the signal output socket at the  back of control box, then insert the powder feeding air pipe (outer  diameter ø6, black) and atomizing air pipe (outer diameter ø6, blue)  into the powder feeding air and atomizing air interface at the back of  control box separately.

5)  Insert the cleaning gun pipe into the air injection pipe at the back of  control box.

6)  Check whether the connection of control box, earth wire, spraying gun,  cleaning gun, power supply and air source corresponds with the following  diagram:

7Take  down the cover of powder cup, fill proper powder (1/5~3/5 of the  capacity of cup) and keep the rim of the cup upwards. Then close the  cover. Point the gun to the spraying room (prepare it yourself), and  switch on the power supply. Before pulling the trigger, adjust the  powder feeding air to the proper pressure (according to the powder  output and the manometer indicates about 0.1~0.3Mpa) and then adjust the  atomizing adjusting knob (observe the powder output) to proper position.  After that, adjust electrostatic adjusting knob to make it indicate  40~70KV (set it to the certain value according to the need). You can  spray the work piece (sample) as soon as you finish debugging.

8If  it is needed to clean the dust or the powder on the work piece (sample),  cleaning gun can be used to do it. The adjusting nozzle in the front of  the cleaning gun can be used to adjust the air flow: rotate right, the  flow will be little; conversely, it will be large.

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